Works From Home

by David Keye

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About this album:

David Keye's debut solo album - 'Works from Home' successfully denies categorisation by any specific genre, has been written, performed and produced by David Keye (featuring three very special guest musicians) and took a staggering 12 years to make. It will be available for a limited time only as a super high quality download, includes cover art and three pieces of original artwork and has been compiled and prepared for your optimum listening pleasure at The Convent, San Fortunato di Compignano, Perugia in Italy.

Please use responsively.

Artist Bio:

David Keye was born in the city of Dublin where he was promptly exported to the musical metropolis known as Nottingham in the UK. There he studied classical piano, some flute, percussion and vocals soon after becoming a multi instrumentalist playing just about any musical instrument he could get his eager hands on. He has been writing, recording and producing music of all colours and flavours for the past 25 years, has played hundreds of gigs in the UK alone and performed publicly worldwide in many places that include The Leicester Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, Project 101, Paris, numerous churches, private residences and one villa in Italy, a restaurant in South Africa, The Czech Museum of Music in Prague and recently a back street theatre in Catania, Sicily.

His first commercial appearance was that of singing and playing acoustic guitar, ukulele and bowed cymbal as guest musician on 'Infant - Pony Gear' the second official release by Andrew Fearn (a.k.a Infant, ExtndDNtwrK) released on Musiik Experience Recordings, Paris. This is what Brian from Norman Records ( has to say about this rather strange and beautiful lo-fi recording..

4 out of 5 stars - 8/10 "Check out this rather magnificent CD by Infant a.k.a. Andrew Fearn from Nottingham. 'Pony Gear' is a strange lolloping record. Quirky & slow, organic to the max & rather splendidly skewiff, it harnesses some very subtle electronics to sublime wonky guitar coming across to these ears like a latter day bedroom 'Tom Waits' in parts or mogadonned 'Talk Talk' (once again, latter day!) Really hard to pigeonhole."

Other curious and experimental projects that occurred over the years between David and Andrew Fearn notably include 'Died on E', (lo-fi-hi) 'Johnn on the Phone' and 'Stenway' that saw David playing a wide range of instruments from synths, dirgey guitar, plastic tubing to live digital piano improvised alongside quirky electronic music.

For one year he played improvised electric guitar and loop pedal ambience alongside Andrew Fearn (vocals and drums) and Mat Allsebrook (a.k.a iNTeRFeRoN) (bass guitar) with the now infamous band 'Ultralame' building up a stupendous collection of eclectic improvised live recorded music that features multiple guest appearances by a variety of 'visiting' musicians.

Before 'Ultralame', the three core members worked on a number of different musical projects including 'Low Quality Ambience', 'Dave Stewart and his Army of Beef', 'Bird in a Wheelchair' and 'Memories of Music in the Middle of the Mound', each daring to push the fragile musical boundaries about as far as they could possibly go, confusing and bewildering critics and musicians alike.

A one-off recording with multi instrumentalists Mat Allsebrook and Adam Farrah (Bosco, Emmett Brown) resulted in the 5 track recording of 'Threak' that was recorded live in Nottingham's legendary Baselab studios and is now available for official download.

David continued to play and record with many wonderfully talented musicians in Nottingham including the mighty Chris Mcdonald in two extremely well received bands (Foncheros and Emmett Brown) where he worked alongside Natalie Duncan (Universal Music) for a number of very enjoyable and productive years. He also features on Chris's forthcoming debut album that is due for release this year.

David also continues to work both live and in the studio with Nottingham's massive Funk/Hip Hop outfit '1st Blood' (1st Blood Records) where he co-wrote and recorded with Liam 'Bahinyon' Bailey (Polydor Records) for Tricky's own music label 'Brown Punk' and now is featured on the legendary Death Row label.

His first ever solo live set was at The Maze in Nottingham where he was joined on stage by the futuristic guitarist Tommy Jones (1st Blood, Foncheros, Bosco, Emmett Brown). He played an almost entirely improvised set using vocals, keyboard, loop pedal, Buddha box, cowbells and an old transistor radio to a stunned and wholly appreciative audience who quite honestly didn't know what hit them at the time.

Recently he has recorded keyboards for the new EP by David Blazye (DB Records/Top Cat Music) entitled 'All This Rain' playing alongside singer Leanne Narewski (Red Shoe Diaries) and produced by Andy Wright (We Show up on RadaR, Swimming).

Other musicians and bands David has either played or recorded with include Tim Mcdonald, Thomas Dempsey III, Nina Smith, Danny 'The Incredible' Hughes, Old Basford, Haiki Loki, Lester Troughton and jazzmen Ben Martin, Laszlo Sebestyen, Hugh Pascall and Toby Kennedy.

He is currently waiting patiently for the imminent release of the debut album by 'Injured Birds', soon to be released on Denizen Records where he worked with the eternally creative and hugely inspirational Pete Fletcher, Samuel Kirk, Ian Kingsbury and Jack 'Honey' Benjamin to create an album of sublime beauty and originality.

Other projects in the pipeline include an ambient jazz noise album collaboration with The Zygmont Jazz Trio Quartet Ensemble, inclusion on a While Dolemite soundtrack album and a soon to be released original album of modern day lullabies.

What people have said about David Keye's music..

'Wonderful, mysterious and enchanting' - Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon (Rusted Rail) UK

'Après le live de INFANT au project 101, after show avec son comparse David Keye improvisation d'une heure au piano au BAR le Gobe Lune PARIS 20 Keith Jarett n'est pas loin... St Omer à la main !!!' - Alexandre Crepin (MusiikExperience Recordings) Paris

'Rich soundscapes, textures and atmospheres that bring out reflective and deep thoughts' - Facel Vega (Italie 13) California

'I like your electronic and experimental, I had on mind the film "The Sky Above Berlin" (Wings of Desire) of Wim Wenders many times' - Windmill (Time is Wild, Be Wild) Bilbao

'I feel a cool wave washing over me! Thanks!' - Susan Gardener (Beachmusic) UK

'Short long made me really want to write and say honestly, I really like your music' - John Guertler Scores, Berlin

'Beautiful and mysterious sound' - Monooka, London

'This is some really wicked music, I closed the lights and totally freaked out' - Jack Dani, Toronto


released June 1, 2011

All tracks written, arranged, performed & produced by David Keye.
Guest musicians - Andrew Fearn, Tommy Jones and Mat Allsebrook.
Original artwork and design - David Keye.

Contains original thought processes, consequences & a great deal of aural nutrition. Peas & love.



all rights reserved


David Keye Nottingham, UK


david keye is a nottingham based, independent musician/composer making creative, sensitive, melodic and mood altering music.


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Track Name: s(t)ay now
hey now, eeso
hey (t)now, no
hey now, hey
hey now

say (s)now
tay (s)now, untied
hey now say
hey for now (this time)

now hmmm

ay (come here) now come
hey me now,
sof - (hey now) tly for now
hey (i don't) now (s)
hey for now
Track Name: this society
ooh yeah,
this is where we've come to
yeah yeah
but is it where we wanted to get to?
yeah yeah
oh yeah

oh yeah

is it where we wanted to get to?
yeah yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: the only way i know to do this
this is
the only way i know (i know)
to do this (ok)

this is the (ok) only way (way) i know

(this) this is the only way i know (way i know)
to do this (to do this)
this is the only way i know